By the late 1990s, the Chemical Brothers had become inescapably entwined with the sound of Big Beat. With it increasingly regarded as dumb music for beer boys, the Chems made a switch to go back to a brighter house sound.


This led to the album “Surrender” in which they managed that rare feat of appealing to a pop audience whilst still retaining their club fanbase. Surrender enhanced their already burgeoning reputation, drawing on a formidable array of celebrity collaborators including Missy Elliott, Noel Gallagher and Bernard Sumner. The Chems shifted their attention away from hip-hop breaks towards more traditional 4/4 beats, but their unique energy, inventive melodies and eclectic samples remained unaffected. “Out Of Control”, featuring the fragile vocals of Sumner, before erupting into a groovy, is a guitar-studded monster not dissimilar to many of Underworld’s offerings. The fairytale chords and Oriental chimes of “Sunshine Underground” provide a refreshing change in direction, while Mercury Rev’s Jonathan Donahue appears on the psychedelic rock finale, “Dream On”.


The album also spawned the 1999 singles “Hey Boy Hey Girl” and “Out Of Control”, from which the following should be heard:


The Chemical Brothers – Flashback


The Chemical Brothers – Out Of Control (Sasha Mix)


Chems website


~ by acidted on October 14, 2008.

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