The Cinematic Orchestra is the creation of Jason Swinscoe. In 2003, he took the name to its ultimate peak with third album “The Man With The Movie Camera”.


As the Ninja Tune press release explains “In late 99, Swinscoe was asked by the organisers of the Porto Film Festival if the band wanted to score a soundtrack to a silent movie. It seemed a perfect opportunity to expand the ideas of The Cinematic Orchestra into the world which had given them their name. But the difference was this was for a one off live performance. The film was Dziga Vertov’s ‘Man With A Movie Camera’ a 1929 early documentary cinema film from the Soviet Union. The performance took place in an old theatre space in Porto and ended with a standing ovation of 3,500 people. Since that evening TCO have performed the score live at film festivals from Turkey to Scotland – where they received a standing ovation for their performance at the George Square Theatre as part of two performances the Triptych Festival.” The success of the work reslted in first and single and then an album (2003) based on the work for the film.


In 2007, TCO released their fourth album “Ma Fleur”. This is an intensely beautiful record full of sorrow and loss, with “To Build A Home” a stunning opener. Jason Swinscoe says the album is a “narrative,” a soundtrack to an unmade movie. The experience is about minor keys, feeling blue, feeling the sounds and the spaces. Perhaps a bit much to take in one sitting but marvellous nonetheless. Sadly, too recent for this blog.


From “Man With A Movie Camera”:
The Cinematic Orchestra – The Awakening Of A Woman (Burnout)

The Cinematic Orchestra – All Things
The Cinematic Orchestra website

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