Some more Detroit techno from Claude Young. Claude Young is known for having filtered the more lush elements of Motor City melodicists with the harder, minimalist stream of techno.


Claude Young Jr. is a techno DJ from Detroit. Known for his mixing style that includes scratches, juggles and cuts, Claude Young has played in clubs all around the world. He first came in touch with music through his father, who was a co-founder of the Detroit radio station WJLB and a moderator/DJ there. Through work as a radio/club-DJ Claude Young established himself in the Detroit techno scene. Young began producing his own tracks after he cooperated on productions with Kevin Saunderson.


After also learning from his friend and mentor Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, Claude started producing tracks for himself, and was soon in demand as a producer / remixer. After setting up 7th City records with friend Daniel “DBX” Bell, and later Frictional records with Shake, increasing DJ and remix commitments prompted Claude’s move to London, England in early 1997. In 2002, Claude relocated to Glasgow (Scotland). In December 2004, Young semi-retired from his tour activity to start cynet-media with his current mentor & close friend / advisor HG Wells (in Glasgow) and his wife Yukiko Young (in Tokyo) who runs cynet-media Japan.


Claude Young has released numerous records under his own name and various pseudonyms including Brother From Another Planet, De-Yang Crew, Dub Street Posse, Low Key und Project 625 on Labels as 7th City, Djax or Axis.


Claude Young – Carma
Claude Young – Tokyo (Lovesong)
Claude Young – Detroit By Night
Claude Young website and MySpace

~ by acidted on October 24, 2008.

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