Cornelius is Japanese musician Keigo Oyamada, who makes stuff that is probably best described as wonky electro pop. And yes, he is named after the character in Planet of the Apes.


Like artists such as Matthew Herbert, Four Tet and Amon Tobin he uses found sounds a lot in his work. As an interview in asap explained:


“I like to find and capture sounds that sound like music at certain moments,” he says.
Take an ink jet printer, for example, which he recorded, edited, looped and used as a foundation for a song on his latest album, “Sensuous.” He’s used chirping birds and running water in the past.
For “Sensuous,” Oyamada says he made it a point to record all of his found sounds at optimum settings. That’s 24 bit, 96 kHz for all you techies out there. The result is a crisp, meticulously pristine production quality where every nuance of each layered sample can be distinctively heard.


“Each sound is laid out in a constructive way, so that the more you listen to it the more complex it gets,” says Oyamada.”


Oyamada married fellow musician and collaborator Takako Minekawa in 2000 and they have one child, Milo, named after the son of Cornelius in Planet of the Apes.


His most recent album “Sensuous” was released in 2007 (2006 in Japan). His remix work is very diverse including Blur, Bloc Party, UNKLE, Kings of Convenience, Avalanches, Coldcut and the High Llamas. And in turn he has been remixed by a number of those artists. 
Cornelius – Free Fall (U.N.K.L.E. Remix)
Cornelius – Typewriter Lesson (Coldcut Remix)
Cornelius – Drop (Herbert’s Kangaroo Dub)
Cornelius website

~ by acidted on October 28, 2008.

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