Death In Vegas started out in the mid-1990 something close to Big Beat territory, although they were always better than just beer boy music. They then changed at the end of the 1990s into an electrorocksleeze band. These live tracks are examples of the latter.


Death In Vegas were Richard Fearless (born c. 1971), DJ, artwork; Steve Hellier (left band in 1998), production, engineering; Tim Holmes (became a full-time member in 1998), production, engineering. But it was really Fearless’ band.


The tracks come from ‘The Contino Sessions’, released in 1999. It revealed a wide range of influences, from rock bands such as the Rolling Stones, the Velvet Underground, Can, and Iggy Pop’s the Stooges, to techno acts like Underground Resistance and Primal Scream. Death in Vegas also invoked the music of 1980s neo-psychedelic bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Loop, and Spaceman 3, the groups that so enthralled Fearless as a teen. “I’m still excited by dance music, but we were trying to get away from the whole `electronica’ thing, which seemed to be exploding in America,” Fearless said to Simon Reynolds in Spin, explaining the reasoning behind taking Death in Vegas in a new direction. “It would have been too easy to make an album that rode on that wave. What I love about the best techno is how hypnotic and monotonous it is,” continued Fearless. “When there is a change [in musical structure], you notice it so much more. That’s what we tried to do, but using live musicians. We get the guys to play along to the tracks, and then we sample, rework, and loop the best bits.”


Death In Vegas – Dirge (Live At Shepherds Bush November 1999)
Death In Vegas – Death Threat (Live At Shepherds Bush November 1999)


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