Yesterday we had some Dust Brothers’ (now The Chemcial Brothers) remixes of dance artists. Today remixes of rock or pop artists, both from 1994. I’ve not gone for the Leftfield/Lydon or the Manic Street Preachers remixes as they are pretty well-known.

Instead, The Charlatans (or The Charlatans UK, as the colonials would have it). From baggy also rans to a surprisingly successful career, the Charlatans have always had an interest in dance music, and an especially strong relationship with The Chemical Brothers. This is a remix of their Patrol single.

Next up, Republica. Forever associated with their huge hit “Ready To Go”, so enthusiastically adopted by US sports arenas everyhere in the late 1990s. Republica were Saffron (ex-N-Joi) and Tim Dorney (ex-Flowered Up) and Andy Todd. This is from an early single of theirs called “Out Of This World”.

The Charlatans – Patrol (Dust Brothers Remix)

Republica – Out Of This World (Dust Brothers Remix)

Chems website

Buy product UK or USA

~ by acidted on November 20, 2008.

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