Readers might be interested in this about classic French dance label F Communications:

During the celebration of F Communications 7th anniversary, the logo was changed to a budding tree with multiple branches and buds. Ahead of its time, the label explored the diversity of electronic music and an open vision (360 °) of the role of a label.

7 years later the label has lost some of its leaves. Autumn came gradually. The label has now entered a slow hibernation after 14 years of hard work, and having written the first pages of the history of electronic music labels in France.

When a tree must face the winter, it drops its leaves and dead branches. The tree itself is not dead. The sap is still in its trunk and in its strongest branches. A warmer day, a ray of sunlight, a new force and new buds may break through.

We owe this explanation to all the fans of the label, who have consistently expressed their support, especially in recent months. For now, we have no new releases planned for F Communications. We are taking care of the tree and its integrity. We are making sure that the broad catalogue of F Communications releases remains available both in shops and online.

The decision to put the label into hibernation was taken by Eric Morand.
“After 15 years as head of Fcom and 18 years as a producer, I think I filled my role. In recent years I have opened myself to other worlds. I now enjoy a different view on music and its challenges. Music is and remains an essential component of my daily life, but not the only one.The role of producer and artistic director of a label has become too narrow, too restrictive for me. I am more than 40 now, and my expectations are different from those I had at 20. “
“I remain partners with Laurent Garnier as working with him is always exciting and full of new challenges.”
“Laurent and I have never been nostalgic. We are proud of what has been done. We can say what is today. Tomorrow has yet to be invented.
“We are proud of what the artists on the label have done since 1994, in fact since 1991 with FNAC Music.
We gave hope to all music lovers. Now other music fans share their beating heart.
This is good for music.And the passion we all have for music.
Thank you.
Eric Morand and Laurent Garnier

~ by acidted on November 20, 2008.

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