Dunproofin’ is a riddle inside an enigma, wrapped up in Scotland. But we don’t hold that against him. For he is a fine remixer.


His profile says: Although from a musical background of traditional bands and club dj residency, it’s now largely about the production side. As DJ for hire though, I’ve played gigs the length and breadth of the UK from Bristol to Brighton. from London to Glasgow, from Nottingham and Newcastle, and many clubs in Aberdeen. The music travels well though …


In the few short years of production, my mash up bootlegs, remixes and DJ mixes have been heard on radio stations in the UK (XFM London & Glasgow) and beyond (Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and the USA so far confirmed !). It has been reported that a track has been played during half time at an LA Baseball Game to a crowd of around 60k.


Although largely known for the mash-up bootlegs, with no less that five productions making it onto limited vinyl so far, I’m moving more towards trying to get into original and remix work. The temptation for a quick booty is always there though, and difficult to resist. I’ve been lucky enough to have some official endorsements from groups such as Product.01 and Bedtime For Toys. If you don’t know these names, you will soon: check them out – they’re both on myspace!


The Future Sound Of London – Cascades (Dunproofin’ Slight Breaks Mix)
Dunproofin’ MySpace
Dunproofin’ blog for more tunes. One to search for elsewhere is his remix of Duffy’s “Mercy”

~ by acidted on November 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “D IS FOR DUNPROOFIN’”

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  2. […] Aloof’s Wish You Were Here gets a gloom pop cover from Dunproofin. Free […]

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