D.O.P. were one of the small clutch of Guerilla Records artists who, along with Leftfield, defined the progressive house sound of the early 1990s.


D.O.P. (Dance Only Productions) comprised Kevin Swain and Kevin Hurry. The two met in school and decided they wanted to produce music together. Their most notable releases include “Groovy Beat” and “Take Me” as well as their remix of React2Rhythm’s “Whatever You Dream”. D.O.P. also released tracks under the alias “The Chameleon Project”, whom I covered previously.


Groovy Beat was an early progresive house classic, with its loping, fuzzed beat and typically unaggressive drum patterns. So, from 1992 and 1993:


D.O.P. – Groovy Beat (The Rock-It Mix) from the 12″


D.O.P. – Groovy Beat (The Acorn Arts Remix Pt 2) from the Guerilla Remix EP


D.O.P. – Groovy Beat Pt2 from the “Musicians of the Mind” LP


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~ by acidted on November 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “D IS FOR D.O.P. (PT1)”

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  2. […] were also The Chamelon Project. For more on D.O.P. (Dance Only Productions), see previous post here. Today’s track is from 1991, so although it has some elements of progressive house within it, […]

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