Whilst Paris Angels were indie dance, rather than a proper dance act, they did release a live track called “Techno”.
Paris Angels were Rikki Turner, Jayne Gill, Steven Tajti, Scott Carey, Mark Adj, Simon Worrall, Paul Wagstaff. They were only around from 1990-1991, releasing a small number of singles and the on album.


I have to admit that when I bought the “Perfume” single I was incredibly sniffy about a track called “Techno” that was anything but. Having mellowed with the passage of time (me not the track), it is a rather sweet bit of piano house with assorted cheering and whistles in the background. Look on it as an historical document of the way we were. The other track is a prime piece of late 1990 Manchester dance pop.


Paris Angels – Techno (Live At Subterania)


Paris Angels – All On You (Perfume)


Paris Angels MySpace


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~ by acidted on November 30, 2008.

One Response to “LIVE SUNDAY: PARIS ANGELS (1990)”

  1. New Paris Angels single – out now on itunes etc – from unreleased 2nd lp Eclipse which is out on Stereokill records later this year.

    Cheers x

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