Speedy J is Dutch techno artist Jochem George Paap. Based in Rotterdam, Speedy J has been making dance music since the early 1990s. Initially part of the Dutch hardcore scene, he soon moved more into more thoughtful territories recording for Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 label and for Warp Records.

This mix was done for Big Shot magazine and demonstrates his minimal techno style.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Speedy J
1. Alex Bartsch / “Thunk Sport”
2. Dubfire / “Roadkill”
3. Per Grindvick / “Nand”
4. Audion / “Raw Dog”
5. Bjorn Scheurman / “Music Moll” (Spieth Mix)
6. Juan Pablo Pfirter / “Pfirter”
7. Harry Choo Choo Romero / “I Go Back” (Wink Mix)
8. Niederflur / “Typo”
9. Hardcell / “Boiling Point”
10. Sleeparchive / “4″
11. Unknown track
12. Radio Slave / “Grindhouse” (Danton Mix)
Last 10 minutes is just lots of parts

Speedy J – Big Shot Guest Mix Aug 08 (1hr, 58mb)

Speedy J website

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~ by acidted on December 7, 2008.

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