Is it time to ressurect D:ream? Has enough time passed for us to see them afresh? Can we appreciate their house-pop virtues, without the taint of politics?


If you’re not from the UK, these questions may mean nothing to you. In the UK, we had little tradition of the uptake of pop songs by politicians or political parties. It was all stirring classical music. Until the mid-1990s. When New Labour chose a minor hit by D:Ream “Things Can Only Get Better” for their 1997 election campaign. It was massive during the campaign but ubiquitous enough to end D:Ream’s career.


Formed by Peter Cunnah and Al McKenzie in 1991, D:Ream was originally designed to be fronted by a female diva with Peter in a writing and production role and Al in a DJ role within a live band setup. An important live date arrived before the diva role had been filled and Peter, having written the tunes, found himself fronting, albeit somewhat reluctantly, he learned to love it.


By late 1991, D:Ream had built a solid club reputation through PA’s and parties and had been touted as the act that could bring back vocal and the song onto the dancefloor, at the time dominated by instrumentals and samples. D:Ream’s initial reputation lay in an ongoing series of 12″ white label mixes of ‘U R The Best Thing’ in 1992 which soon topped the dance charts. They signed in 1992 with Warner and their earlyreleases reflected the early 90’s clubland positivity and energy. But they always made sure their releases had a mainstream radio friendly edit.


From 1993:
D:Ream – U R The Best Thing (Sasha Full Edit) YSL


D:Ream – U R The Best Thing (Mo Bass Part II) by David Morales YSL


D:Ream website


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