An acid ted reminisces about how it was way back when. From my mate D with her exclusive photos of Future (see Oakey’s terrible mullet):

What was most apparent, what I was most aware of, was the energy. It felt like the clubbing equivalent of a person exploding with pent-up rage and trashing a house. This was not about looking good, about wearing the right labels, about standing on the sidelines and nodding your head to the disco beat. This was about getting trashed, getting messy, getting sweaty, dancing like a dervish and no apology offered. It seemed that everyone was involved, everyone was moving, participation was paramount. People were laughing, shouting, jumping around, it was a pumping powerhouse of pure energy.The night ended, as it always did, with a storming ‘Why, Why, Why’ by the Woodentops, the crowd singing along deleriously in a demented celebration of a glorious night. I was hooked. Every Thursday was Future.

Then, a few weeks later, every Monday was Spectrum. Taking place in Heaven itself, Spectrum was Future writ large. Though it took a few weeks to take off, it soon ignited and every week 1500 or so enthusiastic punters went dutifully beserk, the main dancefloor a throbbing, heaving mass of bodies, many pilled up, some not, dancing frantically as if Armageddon was just around the corner. A few podiums scattered on the floor allowed some of the crowd the opportunity to rise above the throng, dancing manically and trying not to fall off either because of limited space, being seriouly trashed, or both. At about 1am a particular track was always played, the green strobes came on , the crowd screamed and cheered and hundreds of arms were raised aloft in worshipful supplication as the track kicked in. It was an awe-inspiring sight and never failed to send my spirits soaring. The music was more acid house than the balearic soundtrack of Future but still mixed up enough to avoid getting dull.
For the record, I was sober at these times and not under the influence of any substances, so I challenge those who say that this was solely the result of E. Even without being pilled up, it was an amazing feeling and sight to behold.
Not long after, Nicky Holloway started Trip at the Astoria and rave, for want of a better term, began crossing over into the mainstream. The rest, as they say, is history. But, those first few months, I’m glad I was there.
From Danny Rampling’s playlist in Boys Own after Shoom shut:
Thrashing Doves – Je$u$ On The Payroll No.2 (Street Groove)
Todd Terry – Bango (To The Batmobile)
Phuture – Acid Trax
Buy Balearic Beats from discogs (bit pricey mind)

~ by acidted on December 14, 2008.

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