Some early 1990s dance pop and some unlistenable IDM.

First up, the dance pop from Stex. I know nothing about this artist. The only thing of interest is that the 1990 single “Still Feel The Rain” featured ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr. Plain or Pan has an interesting article about the post-Smiths involvement in dance music by Marr here.

Next, Squarepusher or Essex boy Tom Jenkinson to his Mum. Avant garde music in the Aphex Twin vein. His biog says: Tom was educated at the Grammar school in Chelmsford. After initially being bound for a degree in physics, Tom tried his hand on an Art Foundation course on his year off and ended up changing course to Fine Art at Chelsea Art School. “I had no real choice, having wholeheartedly internalised the values of selective education. Only the best is acceptable,” he says with a tone that hints he sees it as much as an affliction as an advantage. Indeed, it isn’t hard to see this in action in his work – a beautifully played classical guitar followed by a sarcastic barrage of noise. World class electric bass work accompanied by something that sounds like a chicken being trodden on. Yet this aspect is so commonly overlooked in Squarepusher; as well as virtuosity by the truckload, there is also critique of virtuosity. Bloody annoying noise I say. Anyhow, a recent remix and a track from 1999’s Maximum Priest EP.

Stex – Still Feel The Rain

Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car (Johnatron Mix)

Squarepusher – Decathlon Oxide

Squarepusher website

Buy Squarepusher product (though frankly I wouldn’t)

~ by acidted on December 20, 2008.

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