Your choice, Tony Thorpe in his Moody Boyz guise. In some ways an odd choice, since despite his longevity in making electronic music he has never really had more than marginal recognition, notwithstanding his work for The KLF.

His biog says “Best known for his groundbreaking Moody Boyz output, Tony Thorpe has been surfing the contours of echo drop dub since he first started fusing tape looped noise with earthbound funk as 400 Blows over 20 years ago. Earlier this year awe inspiring remixes of ‘Ask the DJ’ by Ben Hudson and ‘Milk and Honey’ by Prince Fatty surfaced, closely followed by a dubstep masterpiece reworking of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Love is a Losing Game’. Not only did these rerubs represent the sound of a producer at the peak of his game but also acted as a quiet reintroduction to one of UK electronic music’s great pioneers.

“Tony Thorpe is one of British musics true mavericks. His groundbreaking approach has laid the way for numerous artists to follow and succeed while he has all too often been ignored. Now with his dub armoury fully at the controls his time has surely come. Indeed The Moody Boyz’ ‘Dubland’ single, forthcoming on Fabric Records, brings Thorpe’s journey full circle with its brilliant dubsonics, echodrop madness, smoke fuelled ghosts and the half remembered thoughts. Another groundbreaking moment from Tony Thorpe – the original dubstep pioneer.”

From the mid-1990s:

Moody Boyz – Glitz
System 7 – Quest (Moody Boyz Interpretation)

~ by acidted on December 20, 2008.

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