Your choice, some superior IDM from Reload.


Reload were Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard, better known as the wonderful Global Communication. Reload, originally, was a Mark Pritchard solo project. Later, Tom Middleton joined Pritchard on some of his Reload releases, and “& E621″(the name of a chemical flavour enhancer) was added to specify Middleton’s involvement/flavour enhancement on a track (similar to the set-up with “Link & E621”). Eventually, as Tom became more heavily involved on the Reload “A Collection of Short Stories” album, the “& E621” was scrapped, and Reload came to mean both Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton. All Reload Remixes (except for the two on the Mystic Institute “Cyberdon Ep”) were done by both Pritchard and Middleton together.


Since Pritchard’s and Middleton’s parting of ways in 1997, Reload refers to, again, Pritchard solo, with a release on Warp Records likely next year.


Reload – Biosphere (Global Communication)


Reload – Le Soleil Et La Mer (Original Mix)


Reload MySpace


Download from or buy product from discogs

~ by acidted on December 22, 2008.

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