Your choice, a repost (but now with higher bitrate) of a Weatherall remix classic for West India Company from 1990.

West India Company was a curious mix of diverse characters containing as it did Asha Bhosle (famous Indian singer), Neil Arthur (ex-Blancmange), Pandit Dinesh, Peter Culshaw, Stephen Luscombe (ex-Blancmange) and Vince Clarke (Erasure).

Having already incorporated Indian music with Blancmange’s new wave pop, keyboardist Stephen Luscombe delved into it further with the West India Company. Along with Vince Clarke (synthesizers), Mute Records founder and producer Daniel Miller, vocalist Asha Bhosle, and percussionist Pandit Dinesh (who had previously worked with Luscombe in Blancmange), the West India Company released the single “Ava Maria” in 1984. As with Blancmange, the West India Company combined keyboard-heavy club rhythms with Indian instrumentation. The biggest difference were the vocals of Indian superstar Bhosle, which transcended the West India Company from its Western origins. The West India Company introduced Bhosle to European and American audiences who weren’t familiar with her, receiving exposure on British and German television. In 1989, the West India Company released their debut LP Music From New Demons. It is from this LP that the track below was remixed by Weatherall:

West India Company – O Je Suis Seul (Baghwan Boogie Mix) Weatherall Remix

West India Company – O Je Suis Seul (Orient Express Mix) Weatherall & Alex Paterson Remix

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~ by acidted on December 23, 2008.

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