Your choice, Hardkiss. and the first time you’ve asked for someone from the US West Coast.

America struggled with electronic music in the early 1990s. It was too black, too suspiciously gay and didn’t have guitars. It therefore had to come to Europe to develop before being exported back. Outside of dance music’s main centres of Detroit, NYC and Chicago few artists were prepared to take on the challenge. An exception was San Francisco based Scott Hardkiss. Shame he’s now getting excited about being the first to DJ GnR’s Chinese Democracy (yes – that is them in the picture).

Scott Hardkiss was born (12 December 1973) in the Bronx, NY and grew up between NYC, DC, and Philadelphia. His biog claims he studied literature & art at Oxford University, living in the UK during the initial explosion of the rave and indie-dance scenes Returning to the US he began organizing and DJing at some of the first raves, beginning on the east coast and working his way out west to San Francisco. he eventually inspired a motley crew of followers to join him in his mission and together with his newly-adopted “brothers” started the seminal record label, “hardkiss music” in 1992. using the name God Within for his own original solo productions


In 1995 all of the vinyl single releases were compiled in the underground classic “Delusions of Grandeur,” (definitely one worth buying) which Scott named after a series of multi-media events he produced combining music, art & film. In 2001, after a decade on the “left-coast,” he returned to New York and began to shift his focus towards composing & producing score for film & tv.


God Within – Raincry (Submerged)

Alter)Ring – Infinitely Gentle Blows (Scott Hardkiss’ Aural Hallucination Mix)
Scott Hardkiss website

~ by acidted on December 24, 2008.


  1. […] In some sense this should be credited to The God Within but its first release was credited to Hardkiss and that’s how I always recall it. This track is a sprawling proto-trance monster, mixing […]

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