Your choice was yet another Andrew Weatherall remix, this time of latin-dance group Espiritu. And you’ve chosen a track from rave group Hysterix.


Espiritu were signed by Heavenly in 1992. Initially, a collaboration between Vanessa Quinones and Chris Taplin (ex-Frazier Chorus), this was cracking house music with South American rhythms. The featured tracks date from 1993 when Espiritu looked as though they would achieve a breakthrough into the mainstream. But then it all went quiet for a year or so. When Espiritu returned it had evolved into a solo vehicle for Quinones in collaboration with others, particularly Tin Tin Out, and the music had declined into cheesy house.


Hysterix was a request. But I know nothing about the group/individual (?). The request was for the Sasha mix of 1994 single Talk To Me but I could only find the original mix. And from 1993, here is the Espiritu track from the “Conquistador” single, mixed by Sabres of Paradise


Espiritu – Conquistador (Sabres of Paradise Mix No. 3)

Hysterix – Talk To Me (Original Mix)

Buy Hysterix and Espiritu

~ by acidted on December 27, 2008.

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