Your choice, Sabres of Paradise but this time remixing the Stereo MCs. These are really good Weatherall remixes, with his early 90s dubbed style to the fore.


The Sabres, with Lord Weatherall, need no introduction but Stero MCs seem rather to have been lost in the past. A bit unfairly and perhaps related to taking the corporate shilling for use of their “Connected” track for a mobile phone company at which point their creativity seemed to dry up.


Vocalist Rob Birch, and DJ/producer Nick Hallam, founded their Gee Street recording studio and record label, with money they were given to leave their London flat and, instead of using a backing band, travelled to early gigs on buses, with bags of tapes.


They recorded the debut Stereo MCs’ album 33-45-78 (1989) on a shoestring budget with DJ Cesare, drummer Owen If and backing singer, Cath Coffey. In 1990, “Elevate My Mind” by the Stereos was the first British hip hop single to reach the U.S. R&B chart. At home, the emergent indie dance scene (they supported Happy Mondays in the U.S.), and a hook-up with the Jungle Brothers, ensured ultimate hipness for Supernatural (1990), and remixes for the likes of U2, PM Dawn and Electronic. They are still highly sought after producers, with most of their remixes being done under the name Ultimatum.
For their live shows, they assembled a live band including singers Andrea Bedassie and Verona Davis, and were one of the few hip hop outfits to play rock music festivals at the time. These acclaimed live shows paved the way for 1992’s breakthrough Connected, a UK Albums Chart No.2, which spawned the smashes “Connected”, “Step It Up”, “Creation” and “Ground Level”, and won them BRIT Awards for Best Group and Best Album. When Hallam and Birch set up music publisher Spirit Songs, the Stereos confirmed their rock star status by taking an eternity to record Connected ‘s follow-up.


These Sabres remixes are from the double pack for Stereo MCs “Everything” single in 1993, not all of which received a full commercial release.


Stereo MCs – Everything (Everything Grooves Pt 1)


Stereo MCs – Everything (Sabres On Main Street)


Stereo MCs – Everything (Everything Grooves Pt 2)


Stereo MCs website


~ by acidted on December 29, 2008.

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