A nice bit of early house with some chugging drums courtesy of a Weatherall remix (in collaboration with Dave Harrow).


Deep Joy were Londoners Johnno Casson, Stuart Dace & Charlie Rabicano. They were active in the first half of the 1990s. Long term friends they share an eclectic taste in music with wideranging influences and musical styles. The band have contributed their talents to many other projects in their time. Stuart has added his saxophone to Primal Scream’s Mercury Prize winning album ‘Screamadelica’ amoung many others and now records under the guise of Lodekka , Charles has recorded with Jeb Loy Nichols in the UK and USA, and played bass on Roger Sanchez mixes, and Johnno has written for artists as well as pulling tunes together under the guise of Snippet.


They decided to record their first track together as Deep Joy around the time they were avid goers of Shoom, Danny Rampling’s seminal acid house club. They recorded a demo which soon went on to be their first single, ‘Fall’ (1990). Produced by the legendary Andrew Weatherall. The band toured the UK and returned to record their second single ‘Something Inside’. An 8 minute epic mixed by On-u sound’s Adrian Sherwood. All this attention led to an invitation from James Lavelle to record for his Mo’ Wax label.


The Lavelle produced ‘Take’ / ‘Make Some Sense Of This’ (1994) was licenced to a major label in Germany. This company flew the band over to appear on various national TV shows. An understanding was forged and the band signed and recorded their debut album ‘The Booster’. Due to the all too usual, convoluted contractual reasons that debut album was only ever released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan.
Deep Joy – Fall (Chunky Vocal)


Deep Joy – Fall (Let There Be Drums)


Deep Joy MySpace


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