Back to the early days of trance music, before it became the globe-straddling bemoth that it is today. But the seeds of cheesy whumping beats are inherent within Germany’s Dance 2 Trance.


Dance 2 Trance were Rolf Ellmer (aka Jam El Mar) & Dag Lerner who formed at the start of the 1990s. Rolf Ellmer was a classically trained composer; and Dag Lerner, a DJ. They are believed by many to be one of the first trance music acts (so much to answer for). The promotional vinyl release of their song “We Came In Peace”, from 1990, is one of the first pieces of music to fall into the “trance” genre. Many of their lyrics are about Native Americans and the way we believe they have lived. But being dance music the lyrics aren’t exactly a deep analysis of the socio-economic, geo-political or sociological implications of the interaction between Settlers and Native Americans. Ellmer left the group in 1995 to focus on composing for his main project, Jam & Spoon — another prominent early trance act. Their best known and most successful track was 1992’s “P.ower of A.merican N.atives” which still has a poppy charm.


Dance 2 Trance – Power Of American Natives (Airplay Edit)
Dance 2 Trance – Power Of American Natives (Jam & Spoon Remix)


~ by acidted on January 13, 2009.

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