A bit of early breakbeat/jungle from Doc Scott and a release on influential Metalheadz label.


I won’t pretend to know much about drum and bass. And I didn’t buy this record. I got it via D but she got it somewhat oddly. She was working in a video shop in NW London, so I used to do tapes for her to play in the shop. She said she was reading the paper and not paying any attention to customers (customer service wasn’t her strong point). Someone came up and said they liked what was playing and asked what it was. When she told him, he asked if she liked jungle. She said not really but hadn’t heard much. The bloke said you ought to and I’ll get you some and turned to leave the shop. It was only then she noticed the bloke she had been talking to was Metalheadz supremo Goldie. To her surprise he came back later with Bjork (shey were going out at the time) and a bag full of Metaheadz 12″s. And this was one of them.


As for Doc Scott, he started going to ‘RAGE’ at club heaven where Fabio & Grooverider were resident. Scott had been asking Grooverider about Goldie after hearing ‘termninator’ and vice versa. They were introduced to each other by Grooverider in a north london record shop and went to rage together the same night. An instant friendship was struck up that remains to this day.”it was like i’d known him for years after one night, the mutual respect was obvious but he’s just such a cool guy, he’s definately brought out the best in me”


As for why Doc Scott, “My real name is Scott, and loads of people ask me this – I don’t know why. I think they expect it to be Kevin or something. Doc Kevin wouldn’t really go. When I was at school people knew I was a DJ and I used to do tapes of house music for them, especially when it first came out. Nobody knew what it was or where to get it. I was buying early stuff on import especially a lot of Detroit stuff.Anyway, people started coming round my house all the time for a copy of a tape or dropping off blank cassettes. They then started to say it was like going to the doctors getting a prescription – going to Doc Scott and getting their music, that was where the name came from, it started off as a nickname ‘Doc Scott’. People were well into their music in them days, but nobody really knew where to get it from. When I played at the first ever party I never had a name and the geezer who was doing the party asked me what I was going to call myself, I didn’t really want to be called DJ Scott, because that sounds pretty shitty. So we decided on Doc Scott.”


Doc Scott – Blue Skies


Doc Scott – Drumz ’95 (Nasty Habits Remix)


Doc Scott MySpace



~ by acidted on January 22, 2009.

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