Deadly Avenger is Damon Baxter and produces cinematic hip hop influenced beats. Cruelly underrated, he is well worth of your time.


Deadly Avenger has featured previously on this blog in a remix of Travis’ “Writing To Reach You”. Damon was born in Fauldhouse, West Lothian, where a childhood accident cost him his sense of taste and smell. He started recording in the early 1990s. Originally a breaks artist he has expanded into more cinematic soundscapes.


Of him his biography says: Lots of people always ask me where the Deadly Avenger came from, so here’s the brief history. I was originally signed to Depth Charge’s imprint DC Recordings, knowing my personality and hearing the music, Mr. J Saul Kane decided I should be called something ‘Avenger’. We toyed with the idea of a colour ( as all baddies in Kung Fu movies are!! ) but eventually stumbled across Deadly, inspired by the title to his album ‘9 deadly Venoms’..It wasn’t until a few years later I found out that there are 2 Deadly Avenger movies!!!


The first, the implausable but amazing story of a college student who avenges her brothers death, kung fu cheerleader style!!! initially called ‘Lovely but Deadly’ stateside, was renamed ‘Deadly Avenger’ for a european release.


And my personal fave, Deadly Avenger starring Jan Michael Vincent and Erik Estrada!!! You can’t get cooler than that!!!! Here is the blurb from the back of the Video/CD:-


A mysterious new priest, Father Daniel, comes to town to stay with fellow men of the cloth. Little do they know, he possesses extraordinary martial arts skill, crucifix blades and a gun with a golden cross on the handle. Soon, in this “bad” neighbourhood, the priest begins cleaning up the local drug dealing scumbags. Then Father Daniel meets the lunatic Otis. Otis reveals himself to be the “vampire killer” that is ravaging the city, but as a priest, Father Daniel can’t betray the sanctity of the sacrament, but he will fight to stop him.


Ha Ha…awesome!!!


Deadly Avenger – Live At The Capri (Supermix)
Deadly Avenger – Charlie Don’t Surf
Deadly Avenger – Day One (Future Sound Of London Cosmic Jukebox Mix)


Deadly Avenger MySpace


~ by acidted on January 26, 2009.

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