It has to be said that Diddy is a silly name for a grown man. But he did produce one sparkling moment of big room uplifting house in 1994 – Give Me Love.


His bio says “Uplifting, melodic, pumping basslines … DIDDY is a familiar face to the International Dance scene, perhaps best know for his hit single Give Me Love, first championed by Sasha and Digweed , #23 in the UK Charts, and his worldwide smash remixes of Blondie’s Atomic ( #1US-BILLBOARD, #19-UK), Heart of Glass(#15) and Union City Blue. His tracks and remixes feature on compilations such as “Now 37”, “Now Dance”, “Pascha – Ministry of Sound”, “Best Dance Anthems Ever” and his music has been used on Television & Radio.”


NYE 2001, Diddy suffered a serious head injury causing him to lose his sight, ability to speak, make sentences etc, which he battled through for 2 years. He maintained a diary of his progress on this website as he slowly recovered and began the long process of learning to see again. Fortunately his progress was steady and sure and in 2003 he returned to the dance scene with his musical partner Daz Saund, to start a new Sunday dance club called Woof!.


Diddy is releasing new material, remixing , preparing the release of back catalogue and working on a remix album of his best work. Diddy & Daz Saund are also in the process of setting up a new record label to showcase music written for their club Megawoof!. Diddy has DJ appearances scheduled in worldwide, with recent appearances in London, USA-San Francisco, Turkey, Cologne, Barcelona & Amsterdam From homelessness to the top of the charts, from blindness back to success, its never been a smooth ride, but Diddy would say “music is life”.


Diddy – Give Me Love (Secret Knowledge Remix)


Diddy – Give Me Love (Original Mix)


Diddy website

~ by acidted on January 27, 2009.

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