Although often marketed as a group, the dance rap amalgam the Dub Pistols is really a vehicle for leader Barry Ashworth (b. 12 November 1965, London, England).


Ashworth’s rise to the top was a long and winding one, as he got his start running local dance clubs in 1987 when he took over a night spot, “Ziggy’s”, in Streatham previously featuring a then-unknown DJ Paul Oakenfold. When his residency was up, Ashworth found himself running the Monkey Drum, a locale best known at the time as a hangout for Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays, as well as his own record shop located in Covent Garden. When the shop went under, Ashworth decided it was time to launch himself as a band leader. The dance rock act Déjà Vu (who I covered previously) was formed, but despite a well-received single, folded shortly thereafter, as Ashworth returned once more to residencies at clubs. Ashworth also began producing and remixing tracks for a variety of other artists, but it was his work on Monkey Mafia’s 1998 release, Shoot The Boss, that made dance enthusiasts take note of his talents.


Ashworth decided to have another go at leading his own group, and as a result, the Dub Pistols were formed in 1995. In addition to Ashworth, other members in the Dub Pistols include songwriting collaborator and bass player Jason O’Bryan, guitarist John King, and DJ Stix. Their debut Point Blank was released through A&M Records in 1998. Most of their early releases reflect the then-popular big beat craze but it always felt oddly opportunistic. From their first two releases in 1996 (the first of which has a remix by the previously covered Ceasefire):


Dub Pistols – There’s Gonna Be A Riot (69 Mix) by Ceasefire
Dub Pistols – Blaze The Room


Dub Pistols MySpace


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