Hip hop engages with good electronic music shock. Normally, modern hip hop has such lazy backing tracks that I can’t listen. But I got sent a track by Scripts N’ Screwz and its really good; wouldn’t sound out of place on Warp’s Big Dada label.


The PR blurb says: “While many M.C.’s recycle the same cliche subject matter, these two perfer to explore a rage of different musical possibilities. The group’s resident producer, Loose Screwz, has spent years perfecting his trademark eccentric sound. His lyrics have an almost cinematic, story-telling quality, and his versatile production makes it hard to predict his next musical move. Meanwhile, diehard wordsmith Scripts adds an edgier element to the equation. His vivid wordplay and crushing punchlines keep your attention, while his wide ranging of subject matter can appeal to almost any Hip Hop fan.”


My heart sank when I saw that I’d been sent a hip hop track. I imagined big fat unimaginative beats. Wrong. The remix of “Bricks” from album “The New Noise” sounds like someone who has heard of Detroit House and electro. But since Scripts ‘N Screwz are an experimental/electro hip hop group based out of E. St. Louis, IL, I guess that isn’t so surprising. Ignore all the commercial hip hop nonsense, this is worth your attention:


Scripts ‘N Screwz – Brick (Remix)


Scripts ‘N Screwz – Brick


Scripts ‘N Screwz MySpace


Download product

~ by acidted on January 29, 2009.

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