A bit more drum ‘n’ bass from Goldie’s stack of 12″s. This time from Dillinja.

Dillinja, (born 1977 as Karl Francis) is a drum and bass DJ, record producer and entrepreneur from Brixton in South London, England. Arguably the most prolific producer within the drum and bass scene (with over 500 releases produced since 1991), Francis subsequently set up Valve Recordings in partnership with long-term collaborator Lemon D (Kevin King), with whom he also designed and built the Valve Sound System. Purported to be the most bass-heavy system in the world (contrary to rumour it is not the loudest), it is the only sound system to have been purpose-built for drum and bass. As well as the record label and sound system, Francis and King have also opened a specialist mastering and vinyl cutting studio, Ear 2 Ground. Albums include My Sound (1993-2004), Cybotron 2000, as well as Big Bad Bass and The Killa-Hertz with Lemon D. Dillinja’s choice of artist name appears to be inspired by John Dillinger, the 1920s American gangster; he also uses the alias ‘Capone’ (as in Al Capone, as well as ‘Trinity’, ‘Cybotron’, ‘D-Type’, and ‘Original Master’.

I’m sure this is good stuff. But I have nothing to base it on. Anyhow, let’s rinse this out, rewind and flex, while Dillinja does it proper bo! (is that right?). The first track samples Rutger Hauer’s dialogue and part of Vangelis’ soundtrack from the movie ‘Blade Runner’ (1982):

Dillinja – The Angels Fell

Dillinja – Ja Know Ya Big

Dillinja MySpace

~ by acidted on February 11, 2009.

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