A bit of early 90s ambient chillout. Like Dance 2 Trance, this gets a bit on the ethnic tip. But with more natural influences. Expect birds twittering and pygmies singing.


Deep Forest is Eric Mouquet and Michael Sanchez. The key track here is “Sweet Lullaby,” which brought together ambient techno with the voices of the Pygmies of the central African rain forest. The project came about after Michael Sanchez returned from Africa with boxes of records he’d picked up across the continent, he and Mouquet began sampling the native sounds for use with their dance tracks. In their footsteps a thousand dodgy compilations would follow.


Their blurb rather portentiously says: Deep Forest is Eric Mouquet and Michael Sanchez – two visionary musicians, both based in the north of France. Deep Forest, who have sold over 2 million albums in the US, are known worldwide as the trailblazers of the hybrid sound known as “Global Pop”. The group’s groundbreaking self-titled debut, which featured the hit “Sweet Lullaby”, revolutionized music by combining authentic multi-ethnic sounds with captivating ambient dance grooves. Combining World, New Age/Ambient, Electronic/Dance and Pop influences, Deep Forest took the world by storm as “Sweet Lullaby” became a major radio & MTV hit, a danceclub anthem, as well as a bestseller in non-music stores like The Nature Company. No group had ever collected such a diverse array of consumers into a passionately dedicated fan base.


Don’t let that be too off-putting. It may only be a short distance from this to macrobiotics, Enya and Yoga classes. But the distance is significant. Although the sound was flogged to death later in the 90s, this retains the sense of wonder and early enthusiasm for incorporating global sounds into dance music. Probably the best track is the Jam El Mar (who was in Dance 2 Trance and Jam & Spoon) mix of Sweet Lullaby:
Deep Forest – Deep Forest (Radio Version)
Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby (Nature’s Dancin’ Mix) by Jam El Mar
Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby (Ambient Mix)


Deep Forest MySpace


~ by acidted on February 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “D IS FOR DEEP FOREST”

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