Some more crusty techno with Eat Static.


Eat Static are an electronic music project from Frome, Somerset, England formed in 1989 by Merv Pepler and Joie Hinton. Hinton left the group in February 2008 after 18 years to spend more time with his family. The 20th anniversary of Eat Static was marked in January 2009.


UFOlogy references are prevalent in many Eat Static track titles, such as ‘Gulf Breeze’ (a well-documented recurring wave of UFO activity that took place in Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA, from the late 1980s into the ’90s) and ‘Area 51’ (an ‘Above Top Secret’ installation within the environs of the remote Nellis Air Force Range and Nuclear Test Site in Nevada where ‘recovered’ alien technology is reputedly stored). For Merv and Joie — who both claim to have seen a UFO — the oft-scorned subject of UFOlogy is not just some dreamed-up fantasy resulting from over-exposure to currently in-vogue television shows like The X-Files. I wondered if this theme would continue in the duo’s forthcoming third album, untitled at the time of writing. Merv: “It will be, but I don’t want to be so obvious with imagery this time, as many other people are now using it as well. I suppose we can still get away with it because it’s been with us from the beginning.” Get away with it they can. However, Eat Static are not incapable of joking at their own expense. When I asked them, not, I confess, with my tongue entirely out of my cheek, whether they felt that their music might have benefited from the incorporation of ‘recovered’ alien technologies, Joie’s response was appropriately non-straightfaced: “We’ve often wondered about our Waldorf, as it’s prone to doing some very strange things. Maybe Wolfgang Palm [founder of PPG and Waldorf synths] is an alien!”
Eat Static – Gulf Breeze (Zetan Mix)
Eat Static – Bony Incus


Eat Static website (worth a look to play the alien game)


~ by acidted on February 20, 2009.

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