Today, 18 Wheeler are the next up for the indie dance remix treatment.


18 Wheeler were a Scottish rock band active in the early 1990s, consisting of Sean Jackson (vocals, guitar), David Keenan (guitar, vocals), Alan Hake (bass), and Neil Halliday (drums). 18 Wheeler released three albums for Creation and loads of bubblegum/punk/pop inspired singles. They never made it massive and have since drifted into obscurity. They released three albums, Twin Action 1994, Formanka 1995, Year Zero 1997. They sounded out of time then, with their weak indie sound. But from 1995, they starting getting really interesting remixes.


Today’s feature is 1997 single “Stay” remixed by William Orbit (of Guerilla Records fame), Dr Rockit (Matthew Herbet) and Big Kahuna (FC Kahuna). The remixed single was given mainstream radio play and gave them their only UK Top 75 hit single (peaking at #59 in March). They were subsequently dropped by Creation following the recording of what was to be their fourth studio release.


18 Wheeler – Stay (Stereo Odessey Mix) William Orbit
18 Wheeler – Stay (Big Kahuna Mix)
18 Wheeler – Stay (Dr Rockit Mix)


Interesting interview here


~ by acidted on February 22, 2009.

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