Espiritu were a latin dance outfit from the early 1990s. Originally associated with Boys Own mixes (even though they were on another label), Espiritu drifted off into cheesy house and drun and bass sounds.


Espiritu were signed by Heavenly in 1992. Initially, a collaboration between Vanessa Quinones and Chris Taplin (ex-Frazier Chorus), this was cracking house music with South American rhythms. The featured tracks date from 1993 when Espiritu looked as though they would achieve a breakthrough into the mainstream. But then it all went quiet for a year or so. When Espiritu returned it had evolved into a solo vehicle for Quinones in collaboration with others, particularly Tin Tin Out, and the music had declined into cheesy house.


There are a number of tracks of theirs that I want to feature, so there’s going to be more than one post. This post covers a couple of Weatherall mixes as Sabres of Paradise. He did three mixes of “Conquistador”, two were posted by Ripped in Glasgow, so I’m just posting the third, which is Mix 1. And I had a request a while back for Weatherall’s remix of Bonita Mañana, so here it is:


Espiritu – Bonita Mañana (Sabres of Paradise Mix)
Espiritu – Conquistador (Sabres of Paradise Mix 1)


~ by acidted on February 23, 2009.

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