We’ve had Electribe 101 previously as part of the Charity Shop classics series. Now it’s time to give this classic group their own posts.


For a group that produced only one album and a small handful of singles, their work has had surprising longevity. Named after a Soviet refrigerator and/or the popular Roland SH-101 synthesiser, the band was comprised of four electronic composers/producers from Birmingham. These were (Brian Nordhoff, Joe Stevens, Les Fleming, and Roberto Cimarosti) and a female vocalist from Hamburg, Germany (Billie Ray Martin).


Born in Hamburg, Billie Ray Martin moved to Berlin in the Eighties to join the city’s infamous music scene, before deciding to move again, this time to London where she placed an ad in Melody Maker: “Soul rebel searching for a genius”. Among those who replied were Joe Stevens, Les Fleming, Rob Cimarosti and Brian Nordhoff, four men who were searching for a singer to bring alive the music they’d been busy creating in their studio in Birmingham. Electribe 101 was formed. Under the guidance of the legendary manager Tom Watkins the group signed to Mercury Records and released their first single ‘Talking With Myself’ in 1988. Expectations for the band were enormous. Watkins, who previously had guided Pet Shop Boys and Bros to fame, was going to make them stars. Journalist David Stubbs summed up their sound when he called it “lush and entrancing, the very shadow of soul.” – ‘Tell Me When The Fever Ended’ and a re-released ‘Talking With Myself’ went into the UK charts a few weeks either side of the start of the Nineties. “Electribal Memories” is a classic album and every home should have one. It provides the link from the 90s back through to Kraftwerk and female soul singers of the 60s.


Electribe 101 – Inside Out (Anti-Pop Mix)
Electribe 101 – Tell Me When The Fever Ends (Raggamix)
Electribe 101 – You’re Walking (Ambient Groove Mix)


~ by acidted on February 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “E IS FOR ELECTRIBE 101 (PT1)”

  1. […] and Remixes EP – out next month. This is a return to her former glories with Electribe 101 (here) and evokes memories of her classic collaboration with Spooky (here). More on Billie […]

  2. […] 101 produced electronic soul in the early 90s that was both glacial and warm (more here). Glacial in the vocals and warm in the music. From the remix 12″ of 1990 single Inside Out […]

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