Some more icey electronic soul from Electribe 101, a group described as “Imagine Aretha Franklin backed by Kraftwerk”.


In late 1990, the band released their reading of the classic Jesse Rae song Inside Out (a hit, amongst others, for the group Odyssey in the early 1980s). Perhaps due to fallings-out with their management and a lack of a unified vision for the group’s future, promotion was inadequate. The song failed to reach the Top 75. It has become an underground classic, as have all of their single releases.


Though accounts vary as to why, the group split during sessions for the never-completed second album. Not wanting to carry on under the Electribe 101 name without Billie, the band renamed themselves The Groove Corporation and signed to the Network sub-label Six6 – already home to Kevin Saunderson and his project Inner City. After guesting on tracks for others, Billie made a solo debut when her first single for WEA, “Your Loving Arms” stormed the club charts in every European country before repeating its success on U.S. dancefloors.


Electribe 101 – Talking With Myself (Larry Heard After Dark Dub)
Electribe 101 – Talking With Myself (Frankie Knuckles Lovely Dub)


~ by acidted on February 26, 2009.

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  1. […] Ray Martin has featured here a few times. She first found fame in Electribe 101. Electribe split in 1992, and Billie released her first solo record in 1993 together with […]

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