NAD are Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, beloved of the big shorts wearing grebbo community of the 90s. Coming from Stourbridge, like the Wonder Stuff, they were first and foremost about a wall of noise. But the featured tracks are completely the opposite. These could appear on any Warp / GPR compilation of the 90s quite happily.


The Neds were Jonn Penney, Alex Griffin, Dan Warton, Andy King and Martin Warlow. They formed in November, 1987 and disbanded in October, 1995 (although they did reform in 2000). Today’s tracks come from 1995 single “All I Ask Of Myself”. The original version is full of standard Ned’s guitar fury – and none the worse for that. But the sleeve and remixes are odd. They are quite explicitly going for a different market. Instead of their usual garish sleeves with the Ned’s logo prominently placed, it is a muted, almost plain sleeve. Their name is only in a small typeface and otherwise they are called NAD. And the mixes, here by Beaumont Hannant (previously featured here), remove pretty much all traces of guitar and turn it into a claustrophobic electronic click and crackle fest. For anyone who ever liked anything from Warp’s IDM days.


NAD – All I Ask Of Myself Is That I Hold Together (Just Together Mix) Remix – Beaumont Hannant
NAD – All I Ask Of Myself Is That I Hold Together (In Control Mix) Remix – Beaumont Hannant


Ned’s Atomic Dusbin website


~ by acidted on March 8, 2009.

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