Some fine French house from Etienne de Crecy. He is one of the group of artists that put French dance music on the map in the 1990s. He has also recorded as Superdiscount and as part of Motorbass.


Etienne de Crécy was born in Lyon in 1969. He attended the same Jules Ferry college in Versailles as Air and Alex Gopher, with whom he later created the ‘Solid’ label. He then worked in Paris as a sound engineer at studio +XXX (plus thirty) where he met Philippe Zdar of Cassius, with whom he worked on the Motorbass album.


Etienne de Crécy has been involved in various music projects where he has worked as a producer. The Super Discount album is considered by many as the first classic French house album. Eight years after the first Super Discount album, came Super Discount 2 with the original team, plus Cassius. For this album, he used only old analog instruments. Pursuing the Discount concept of the first album, all the tracks are named after peer-to-peer clients names: “Overnet”, “Napster”… For Etienne de Crécy: “you have to be autistic in working in the music industry not to realize that something happens through the MP3 exchanges. It’s not discount anymore! It’s free!” and adding “what the music industry doesn’t understand, is that young people will not build their own music culture if they don’t have free access to the music.”


But let’s go back to Etienne’s early days (1996) for a couple of tracks:
Etienne de Crecy – Hunt One Connection
Etienne de Crecy – Ecoutez Fumez


Etienne’s MySpace


~ by acidted on March 14, 2009.

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