A Cousin Cole mix, ahead of his appearance at SXSW.


He says “I was inspired to make this by my SXSW showcase this Saturday (Baltimore Love Thing) where I get to play with DJ Class, Chavy Boys, Blaqstarr, Nadastrom, and Emynd & Bo Bliz. If you’re in Austin you BETTER be at this!!”


All Baltimore/Philly/Jersey Club Music… basically. Includes a bunch of new stuff from Cousin Cole plus a track from DJ Get Em, a new producer who’s got a record out on Flagrant Fowl this summer.


Feel Like Dancing – Booman
Here It Comes – Rod Lee
R U Ready
Reach Out – Emynd
Git Da Handclap Remix – Dukeyman
Still Rolliing (Evolution) – King Tutt
Doop – Doop
Number Advisory – Tim Dolla
Laugh (Acapella) – KW Griff
In the Park – Cousin Cole
To the Music – Cousin Cole
Georges Groove – Chavy Boys
NFL Horns – DJ RL
My Life Extra – DJ Technics
Buss 2001 – Rod Lee
Fo Da Real G’s – Kazey & Bulldog
Get Silly – DJ Tameil
Wut Wut pt 3 – Mike Mumbles
Go Time Anthem – Say Wut
Jimmy Go Boom – Grand High Priest
Sex Machine – Scottie B & Spruce Lee
James Revenge – Booman
If You Believe (Paradox Mix) – KW Griff
Everybody – Cousin Cole
Turn My Swag On – Cousin Cole
Chicken Moose Rhino Monkey (acapella)- Cousin Cole
Black Betty – Cousin Cole
Bodies Hit the Floor – DJ Sega
Get Ya Handz Up – Rod Lee
Hands Up Thumbs Down (Cousin Cole Remix) – Blaqstarr
I’m The Shit (Lil Jon Remix) – DJ Class
Blow 99 – Dukeyman & Technics
Moving Like a Train (Smith & Hack Remix) – Herbert
Niggaz Fighting – Scottie B
Get Em Whats – DJ Get Em
That’s Not Style – DJ Ocky
Get Off – Booman
Throat pt 2 – Cousin Cole
Umma Do Me – Cousin Cole
Vader – Cousin Cole
Carmina What – Rock With Me
Hate Me Now




~ by acidted on March 18, 2009.

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