Next up on our countdown, one-hit wonders Olive and Chicago legend Frankie Knuckles.

19. Olive – You’re Not Alone (Oakenfold/Osborne 12″ Mix) (1996)

NME says “A year before ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ put ‘comedown’ on everyone’s agenda, dance had it’s first big E-shiver with Olive’s sleeper hit. Forget that it was written by one of Nightmares On Wax and Simply Red’s trumpet player. Focus instead on what a beacon of light i was against a dark and hostile world, how its far-off beam called out to all lost souls. ‘You’re not alone. You’re not alone. You’re not bloody alone y’hear.'”

Great record. But the true genius wasn’t Oakenfld’s mix but the Nightmares On Wax mix which slowed the whole thing down to a true trip hop/chillout classic.

18. Frankie Knuckles – Your love (1987)

NME says “The man who, more than any other, can claim ownership of the term ‘house music’, Frankie Knuckles’ late-70s DJ sets at Chicago’s Warehouse set the tone for everything that came after. Here he concocted the world’s first house anthem. Its swirling central arpeggio, post-punk bass rumble and lazy kick drum have formed an impenetrable trinity against the passing years. Friendly Fires have based their entire career on it. It’s that good.”

Nuff said.

Olive – You’re Not Alone (Nightmares On Wax Mix)

Frankie Knuckles – Your Love

Buy Olive / Frankie Knuckles

~ by acidted on March 27, 2009.

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