Some classic techno from R&S compilation “In Order To Dance”.
Moggieboy at the excellent Ripped In Glasgow featured a Global Cuts (an R&S offshoot) release by X-Tatic and mentioned that Global Cuts had released Capricorn’s “20hz” but he couldn’t find it. This post is for you.
For those who don’t know about R&S’ place in European techno history, Kris Needs’ official biography says:

“In Ghent, Belgium, the distinctive Ferrari-like prancing horse logo of R&S heralded a stream of cutting edge techno gold unleashed as the label corralled more seismic electronic battle-weapons than any in European dance music history. R&S licensed the hottest tunes from all over the world while developing its own formidable stable of producers. It’s catalogue, now thankfully being reactivated, is nothing short of stunning.

R&S took its name from the initials of its founders Renaat Vandepapeliere and his wife Sabine Maes. Renaat’s first single release [‘Bubble Up’ by Big Tony] was the only release on his Milos Music label in 1983 before the name was changed to R&S the following year, seeing Big Tony return with a cover of Barry White’s Can’t Get Enough [Of Your Love Babe] before getting down to business releasing electronic pop and new beat before its first acid house outing: 1987’s ‘Drop The Deal’ by Code 61, which became an early Balearic hit.

As the acid house revolution took hold in the late 80s, the label began licensing prime house and techno from the US, making hard-to-find imports like Sheila’s ‘Acid Kiss’ and names like Derrick May, Fingers Inc and Juan Atkins available in Europe. R&S really got into its stride around 1991, finding itself at the forefront of the hardcore explosion which had reared after the end of the prolonged summer of love, firing jackhammer exhortations like Hardcore’s ‘Get A Little Stupid’ at the warehouse massive while building its own stable of producers like C.J. Bolland, who helped shape dance music’s immediate future with outings like the ‘Ravesignal’ series. The label started the much-anticipated In Order To Dance compilations to further consolidate its releases.

And it is from one of the “In Order To Dance” compilations that this track comes (plus a recent remix by Optimo):

Capricorn – 20hz


Capricorn – 20hz (Optimo Edit)


~ by acidted on March 27, 2009.

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