A slightly odd pairing today from NME of Zombie Nation and D-Mob.


15. Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 (1999)


NME says “From the man who brought you: Alfred Chicken, Overlord, PGA Tour Golf 3, Treasure Island Dizzy and many, many more. Britsh computer games composer David Whittaker originally wrote Kernkraft 400’s nagging hook as part of a 1984 ZX Spectrum game caled Lazy Jones. A flash of inspiration and six million synth overdubs later, and early Gigolo Records signings Zombie Nation had transformed it into an undead monster.”


A really odd choice. Never essential at the time. Probably only included to have something with the computer games bleep-and-play vibe that is tres fashionable among the red jeans wearing, hairgel set.


14. D-Mob ft Gary Haisman – We Call It Acieeed (1988)


NME says “Squelchy 303 basslines, geometric 808 drums, they called it acieed and arriving at around the same moment in pop cultural history when the Sun [UK tabloid newspaper] was accusing ravers of ripping the heads off Trafalgar Square’s pigeons in an ‘ecstasy frenzy’, Dancin’ Danny D’s big hit was public enemy number one. In fact, so dangerous was the power of some nutjob repeating the word “acieeed” over and over that, until recently, the video was only ever played once on British television.”


NME are right that the importance of this record lay not in the tune but that it was out when raving and drugs hit the mainstream in a media feeding frenzy of sensationalism – The Sun’s “Evil of Ecstasy” headline.


D-Mob ft Gary Haisman – We Call It Acieeed


Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400


~ by acidted on March 30, 2009.

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