In addition to this being declared Paul Haig Day by TVV, this is also Andrew Weatherall’s birthday. Seems remiss not to mark it. As he is the patron saint (unofficial) of this blog, I thought we’d have a week of extra posts celebrating his earliest remix work. Today, Happy Mondays and That Petrol Emotion from 1989 and 1990.


Weatherall founded a fanzine called Boys Own in the late ’80s and soon established himself as a leading DJ in London’s acid house scene. That association led to Weatherall remixing, along with Paul Oakenfold, the Happy Mondays’ “Hallelujah” in 1989. His first ever remix.


That was soon followed by other remixes. I’m not sure of the precise order, but next up a remix he did with Terry Farley as “Boys Own” for That Petrol Emotion in 1990. TPE were formed partially from the ashes of The Undertones. But it was when US-born singer Steve Mack got into dance music and tried to change their music away from indie rock that things got interesting. This is a classic piece of dance/rock crossover.


Happy Mondays – Hallelujah (Club Mix)
That Petrol Emotion – Abandon (Boys Own Mix)


Rotters Golf Club website


~ by acidted on March 31, 2009.

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