NEW MUSIC: Raskolnikov’s Dream LP

Raskolnikov’s Dream is a melodic electronica project from Greece by Kampakis Stylianos. It is music in thrall to early Aphex Twin and The Black Dog, perhaps even Autechre at their most accessible.


The name was inspired by Raskolnikov, the main protagonist in Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. In the first part of the book (the crime), Raskolnikov has a terrible dream about brutality to others. Kampakis says “I was inspired by this most graphic scence in the book [excerpt here], to give this name to my project.”


Of the project he says “I follow a DIY (do it yourself) approach to recording, mixing and mastering. I believe that technology has evolved enough so that anyone can create a record inside his bedroom studio and the internet contains so much information, that you can educate yourself about anything you like. Even though this approach might lead to projects that are inferior to records of popular artists, it allows complete artistic freedom to those who choose to pursue it.

Pretty much like the artists before records were discovered had to do everything by themselves, or like punk-rockers did so in the 80s, opposing the record companies, so, the new era of the internet allows us to re-embrace this artistic freedom that older musicians possessed.
Everything in my album has been created by me.”

The project has delivered an album “Uriel” (one of the Archangels – “Fire of God”) which you can buy from CD Baby or in download form. With such an intense source material and the intensity evident at the website, I expected a rather intense and claustrophobic experience. That’s certainly how it felt after reading “Crime and Punishment”. But the album isn’t quite like that. It’s actually quite an open and positive piece, somehow reminiscent of the sea. Album opener ‘Gabriel’ has a pleasing clatter and an edge of synthetic sax. The Secret Sound of Lovax has insect rustling and clicking but eventually emerges into sunlight. This album is for you if you liked Warp’s Artificial Intelligence series back in the 1990s – $6.47 for the full album downloads.






~ by acidted on March 31, 2009.

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