Some odd dub influenced experimental techno from Full Moon Scientist.


Full Moon Scientist were Kevin Walsh and Steve Rowlands. They combined dub, breaks, ambient, sampledelica and typical British humour. They first caught attention of Leftfield and were signed to their Hard Hands imprint. The debut album ‘The Men in White Coats’, a couple of 12 inches and a mini album were released here. Their follow-up album, ‘Do We Look Like Comedians?’, was issued at Botchit and Scarper.


Their first release was the curiously named but rather good “Old Man River’s Crying” (1993, Hard Hands), which was followed by “The Men In White Coats” in 1994. By 1997 they had switched to Botchit & Scarper for “Do We Look Like Comedians”. The first 500 releases were shipped with a one-sided 12″ with just a white label. On the runout groove was the message “WE’D LIKE TO GIVE THE SPICE GIRLS SOME STICK INSECTS”.


Full Moon Scientist – Old Man River’s Crying (Rope Of Sand Mix)


Full Moon Scientist – We’d Like To Give The Spice Girls Some Stick Insects


Full Moon Scientist – The Exit Of Common Sense

Full Moon Scientist MySpace

~ by acidted on April 15, 2009.


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  2. […] as aside, in the 90s, Steve worked with Kevin Walsh in Full Moon Scientist, a dub-tinged break beat and drum & bass outfit who were on Leftfield’s Hard Hands label […]

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