D reminded me of DJ Colin Faver, who was instrumental in bringing leftfield beats to London.


This is what D said: “I was looking at your Fortran 5 posting and noticed a mention of Colin Favor which brought a big smile to my face. Favor used to do a show on Kiss FM, around ’91-’93, from 1-4am, once a week and it was one of the most interesting radio shows around. This was when Kiss had some balls musically, albeit in the middle of the night, and allowed the likes of Favor, Colin Dale and others to pretty much play whatever they wanted. They also had guest spots and, one night, it featured Weatherall and Gillespie trying to outdo each other with obscure tunes. Hilarious.


Because it was a middle-of-the-night job, I used to set my cassette on play as soon as the show started, fall asleep, wake up when the tape clicked off, turn it over, fall asleep again, wake up and put a new tape in, start recording again and then that was it. I rarely made the last 3/4 of an hour. Then I’d edit them the next day into one tape. It was great fun and I must have done quite a few.


What was interesting was that the music that was played was a really fascinating mish-mash of just about anything within the dance genre. Favor and Dale played some really out-there stuff at times, Favor going for mellower, medium-paced beats and Dale leaning more towards faster, techno stuff but both very good.


These chaps pretty much had free rein to go where they wanted and the result was, more often than not, a delightful and captivating show. Very much what radio should and could have been. During the day were the conventional, often quite dull and repetitive, regular DJ’s churning out the standard tunes. There was something almost furtive, amusing even, of these fellows emerging only in the darkness of the night to entertain what must have been a relatively small audience of night owls desperate for something a little different.


I enjoyed the shows immensely and was very pissed off when Kiss cancelled them on the basis, I believe, that not enough people were listening. WELL, I WAS YOU BASTARDS!


Anyway, sorry for all that but I just thought I’d like to say thank you for reminding me of a very musically satisfying time. And, sadly, none of the tapes left, a great shame, they would have been a joy to listen to now.”


Faver’s bio says “In 2006 he began presenting guest shows on the soul station Solar Radio. (http://www.solarradio.com and on Sky Digital Channel 0129 to the UK and Eire) In 2007 he was given his own weekly 4 hour show which airs every Saturday night at midnight. He also has a weekly Soul music show on Bang Radio in West London which airs every thursday night from Midnight til 2am. (Bang Radio, 103.6 FM in the Brent Area of West London and http://www.bangradio.fm).”


The Kiss FM tapes may have gone but all is not lost. Here’s something from Faver in 1992:


COLIN FAVER [Kiss 100 FM 1992]


Colin Faver MySpace


~ by acidted on April 29, 2009.

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  1. […] Colin Dale had a show – Outer Limits – on the old Kiss 100 FM that D was always very fond of. It featured a range of new and old electronic music. It was almost a counterpart to that other Colin favoured by D, Colin Faver (previously here). […]

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