Some more from industrial / electronic body music Belgians Front 242.


Initially, the group was just a duo when formed in October 1981 in Brussels; programmers Patrick Codenys and Dirk Bergen but added Daniel Bressanutti (aka Daniel B. Prothese) and lead vocalist Jean-Luc de Meyer in 1982 and ex-roadie, Richard 23 (born Richard Jonckheere) in 1983. With nary a lineup change in ten years, Richard 23 finally left the group in 1993 after an American tour with the Lollapalooza festival (the trio replaced him with lyricists Jean-Marc Pauly and his brother Pierre). That same year Front 242 released two LPs, 06:21:03:11 Up Evil and 05:22:09:12 Off, the first closer to pop music than anything the group had recorded before, and the second more abrasive than previous recordings. In the wake of industrial music’s unlikely mainstream success — which pushed unrestrained angst and raging guitars in the vein of Nine Inch Nails — the Front 242 LPs were not well received. Vocalist De Meyer left the group in 1995 to sing with various projects, including Cobalt 60 and Bio-Tek. Front 242 released a live LP (Live Code) and a remix album (Mut@ge.Mix@ge) but for the most part remained quiet while flocks of industrial bands invaded the mainstream charts during the mid- to late ’90s. In 1997 the group again toured and issued the live album Re-Boot a year later. Pulse, a studio album of new material, was released in CD and DVD formats in 2003. They are still going today.


Back to the mid-90s for three more remixes. Those wanting original Front 242 tracks should look elsewhere.


Front 242 – Rhythm Of Time (Victor The Cleaner Mix By The Orb)


Front 242 – Religion (Trance U Down Mix by The Prodigy)
Front 242 – Crappage (The Turd Mix) by The Orb

Front 242 website


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