Some big breaks sounds – and big hair – from FreQ Nasty.
FreQ Nasty started his breakbeat career at Botchit & Scarper in the late nineties with top tune “Boomin Back Atcha” (1997) and his “Underglass” (1999) singles. The latter featured on several DJ compilations (including Tipper’s Hi Octane). Around that same time, Darin teamed up with B.L.I.M. to start Archetype Studios where they produced the “Funky As…” single for Marine Parade under their High Prime guise. Listening to his full length album Freaks, Geeks & Mutilations (1999), one can hear the mass of hiphop and ragga influences through the album. In the past couple years, Darin has expanded his affiliations to include Smart Systems label (Electric Kingdom compilation) as well as Brighton’s Skint Records. His Skint releases include “That’s My Style” / “Goose” and “Amped” / “Transforma”.
FreQ Nasty – Boomin’ Back Atcha (Original Instrumental)

FreQ Nasty – Freq a Zoid


FreQ Nasty – Amped
FreQ Nasty – Dog Choon


FreQ Nasty website / MySpace


~ by acidted on April 30, 2009.

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