Top blog The Acid House has an exclusive new mix from Altern-8, so get downloading and watch yer bass bins, I’m tellin’ ya.


“The Acid House Presents “Old Skool Legends”, a new addition to the virtual record box that features exclusive mixes from key Dj’s and Producers that were pioneering and inspirational during the explosion of the dance music scene throught the 80’s and the early 90’s.
I am proud to present The Acid House’ first Exclusive mix from the infamous Altern-8, this 2hr mix was recorded live at The Clarence Sligo 18-4-2009.”


Altern-8 were one of the first artists covered at ACID TED. Altern 8 was a verging-on-the-cartoonish rave outfit that pushed their singles into the British charts with promotional theatrics borrowed from the KLF and attention-getting chemical-warfare uniforms from head to toe. Originally formed by Mark Archer and Chris Peat as a side-gig from their Nexus 21 project.


Up and Comming Altern-8 Gigs
23rd May Derry
29th May Hitchin
30th May Retrosonics, London
31st May Life Festival, Ireland
June – Australia Tour – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide
20th June – Holland
25th June – Glastonbury



~ by acidted on April 30, 2009.

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