Today, D’s selection has an early Dance 2 Trance classic and everyone’s favourite Scream track.

Dance 2 Trance – We Came In Peace (Original Mix 1990) (Logic Records)
This is another of those tunes that, while it may not be considered a classic, is more about the personal memories it evokes and the feeling it brings back. This record and the ones previously were very much laying the groundwork for what was to come, particularly after meeting up with Ctel and X. Again, much like the Nightwriters, it seemed to be played repeatedly in clubs (does that afford it classic status?) when it came out, but, perhaps more importantly, it can instantly transport me back to certain nights out in 1990. A delightful record as far as I’m concerned that was very much an anthem of the early days.

Primal Scream – Loaded (1990)
Two reasons for this really. Firstly, it is, without question, an absolute classic (as was Screamadelica) and anyone who disagrees can fuck off. I was very fortunate to be in Monkey Drum, a Boy’s Own event, in a small club in Holborn, when Weatherall dropped the acetate for this. I had no idea it was Primal Scream, no idea it was Weatherall’s remix but remember vividly (and it’s not often that happens, ask Ctel) thinking what a fucking awesome tune it was. Secondly, one of the most hilarious gigs I went to was Primal Scream at the Brixton Academy in ’94. X and Jay were also present, as was Ctel. X provided us with some particularly fine E’s, of which I think I necked three and promptly spent much of the night locked in fierce embrace with J (was not with X at this point), tripping off my head (horses running through the auditorium, faces melting, the usual stuff) and wondering how Ctel was getting on. Brilliant night, remember absolutely nothing of Primal Scream. A blinder. [Far be it for me to interrupt, but I recall also stopping X pouring a pint of beer over the oblivious couple as he very much wanted to take J’s place – Ctel]

Dance 2 Trance – We Came In Peace (Original Mix 1990)

Primal Scream – Loaded

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~ by acidted on May 12, 2009.

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