This is clearly the ambient selection time from D. But ignoring the obvious The Orb or Global Communication, she’s gone for Dreamfish and Hardkiss.

Dreamfish – School of Fish (Rising High 1993)
Mmmm… lovely… skin up… lie down… watch the shadows dancing on the wall… pretty pretty… skin up… again… calm and peaceful… go to your happy place… skin up… again… bollocks, your turn… fuck, where’s the gear… mmmm… close your eyes… drifting off… Zzzzzz. And that was pretty much the routine when I returned from clubs, trashed and happy, unless I still had some gear left in which case I’d have that and just talk total bollocks for hours on end. Helping achieve this higher state of come down was this beautiful ambient epic from Mixmaster Morris. Ctel first played me this in ’93 and I thought it was majestic then. I still do. As much as I love the Orb and sundry other ambient noises, this one still has a special place in my head. Eighteen plus minutes of sheer bliss. [Such a shame Dreamfish 2 was total pants – Ctel]


Hardkiss – The Phoenix (RiverandRain) (1994)
On the back cover of this record it states ‘A long, drawn-out delusion of the God Within’. Well, that’s as maybe but it certainly has one of the longest, drawn-out intros I’ve ever heard. Seriously, it takes for ever. Go off, make yourself a sandwich, come back, it’s hardly got started. In fact, in many ways, it always struck me as a slightly ridiculous track, a big, bombastic, pompous epic that’s not really a dance record at all and yet…and yet, I still think it’s a delight. Starting out delicately this just builds and builds until reaching a peak of crashing, reverberating, yet oddly pleasing musical noise, accompanied by some unintelligible singing from a Japanese sounding female. Magnificent. [Go buy Hardkiss’ “Delusions of Grandeur” from link below – Ctel]
Dreamfish – School of Fish

Hardkiss – The Phoenix (RiverandRain) short version

Hardkiss – The Phoenix (RiverandRain) long version

Buy Dreamfish / Hardkiss


~ by acidted on May 15, 2009.

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