I could post loads of stuff about progressive house innovators Fluke but I shall limit myself to two further posts. This one covers early albums “The Techno Rose of Blighty” and “Out (In Essence)”.

From their One Little Indian biog:


1990 – The Balearic hit Philly introduces Fluke’s acclaimed debut mini-album, Techno Rose Of Blighty. They do their first remix, Talk Talk’s Life’s What You Make It. In an era of big-lunged divas, Jon Fugler’s charismatic, stream-of-consciousness vocal style is a unique proposition. Jon: “There were enough people out there doing something original at that time. Primal Scream and Happy Mondays were rock bands embracing the dance side. We were a dance band embracing rock tendencies and history. There was never really any problem about it.”


1991 – Fluke move to Virgin offshoot Circa, also home to Massive Attack and Neneh Cherry. They mark the move with Out (in essence), one of the first ever live dance albums, recorded at Destination Moon, a classic Acid House party held at the Rolling Stones’ old manor house haunt. Jon: “Nobody believed a dance band could play live. It was a time when you didn’t know if the computer would last the whole show.”


From The Techno Rose of Blighty:
Fluke – Glorious
Fluke – Easy Peasy


From Out (In Essence):
Fluke – Pam Am Into Philly
Fluke – Garden of Blighty

Fluke MySpace (unofficial)

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~ by acidted on May 29, 2009.

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